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The company's goal has always been 100 percent satisfaction -

All buildings are designed and tested to the highest standards of quality -

Excellence in manufacturing and customer service are the company's highest priorities -

Most durable products at the lowest prices in the industry -

I ordered the Q series shed earlier this year and I am very impressed with everything from start to finish. Freddy J., Portland, OR.

I needed to tell someone about how reliable your company is, I have always gotten excellent service! Frank L., Denver, CO.

My order was on time just like you said it would be, and the shed is better than I have seen. Thank you. Susan L., Sedona, AZ.

It could not get any better, I always receive my orders on time, and the products are great! Penny T., Portland, OR.

I am always assured of the best safety and durability from your steel products. I won't go anywhere else. Isiah T., Detroit, MI.

It is nice to finally find a company that is dependable when it comes to my orders. I have clients who rely on me and you have never let me down. Ray, G., Sunset, LA.

American Straight Steel offers a wide array of building designs and products -

American Straight Steel is serious about quality and customer service -


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